Cash Out Betting Strategy

In the world of sports betting, there are many opportunities for bettors to control their bets and minimize potential losses. In order for players to have a chance to get back part of the initial bet amount, a withdrawal function was introduced, mainly used in sports betting before the end of the match. Nigerian players love this feature because there is a chance to get back 50% of the bet avoiding a total loss; only every bookmaker has its own rules regarding this feature.

The same principles work for withdrawing funds. If you have a coupon that almost won, then you can withdraw money from it, and how much money you get depends on the system. It automatically generates the total amount from the number of won bets, the amount may change due to changes in the coefficients.

We will provide examples of strategies that will help you in making withdrawals, when exactly to use a strategy, when and how to withdraw funds for sports betting, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of a withdrawal strategy.

A reliable and reputable bookmaker, so it also applies to the strategy. As a rule, some bookmakers in Nigeria offer unfavourable terms and conditions for withdrawing funds. First, you should familiarize yourself with this information for each bookmaker in order to make profits and avoid unplanned expenses.

Discipline and focus

When we deal with online gambling, we come across such a concept as a set limit. This limitation helps to avoid unnecessary risk. The most common type of limit is avoidance bets; they are aimed at returning lost bets. During a losing streak, it is important to stop and take a break from gambling.

Calm and composure

There are players for whom winnings on bets are the only way to earn. Thanks to their ability to control emotions, stress and pressure, they master the gambling ability to stop in time. You just need to review your attitude towards betting and decide whether you should choose cash or stay in the game for more profit.

Early withdrawals are 22% more profitable than late withdrawals. There are many bookmakers in Nigeria, and each has a different withdrawal function. In some, the entry of funds is allowed at any time during the sporting event. Some bookmakers offer withdrawals only on special events or on a limited number of sports bets. Experience is a key aspect in such situations. An experienced player knows exactly when to partially or fully withdraw money and the decisive factor is his level of experience in a particular sport and the choice of sport itself.

The withdrawal strategy for football bets

It is impossible to predict what will happen on the football field, especially when strong teams face weak ones. Each team has its own game strategy, which experienced bettors can recognize and use to their advantage. In the major leagues, the strategy is usually to hold a small lead until the end of the match. But it often happens that the team that scores first usually loses the match due to a comeback by the opponents.

Depending on such cases, it is advisable to first analyse all the components of the game before risking a withdrawal. We advise you not to withdraw funds from the team that is leading in the last minutes of the match with 2 or more goals as a priority. If you are not sure whether to cash out, this is exactly the case when you should use an early withdrawal to reduce losses.


Basketball is a game that tends to change over time, and sometimes even with a dramatic ending. For example, at the beginning of the game, you backed the favourite, but the underdog team is leading in the first round, and you decided to cash out early. But the underdog’s lead was cancelled because the favourite team scored more points and you got less than half of the original bet. Early withdrawals in basketball are not profitable because things can change drastically, so the key behaviour is to maintain discipline and stay calm.


Tennis is an individual sport, where the form and level of the player should be taken into account the most. These factors influence the selection of the rate and also help determine when to withdraw funds. But it is not so easy to do this at the Grand Slam, because most bookmakers offer small odds on favourites, so if you are not sure that you can win, you should avoid such bets.

You should avoid early withdrawals on favourites in women’s matches. It often happens that a player manages to recover after losing a set and take the victory. Therefore, there is no guarantee that the favourite will stay in the leaders.

In some lower ranked tournaments, there is no such feature as withdrawal, so some bookmakers offer to transfer funds to the favourite to another league to beat the higher ranked player, also the lower ranked player can challenge the higher ranked player and win.

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