The Labouchere system in sports betting
The Labouchere system in sports betting

The Labouchere system in sports betting is the ideal way to protect your bankroll. The author of the strategy is an English writer and politician with French roots, Henry Labouchere. As a student, Henry played in casinos and bet on horse races. After some time, Labouchere came to the conclusion that a certain strategy is needed to increase the likelihood of winning. This is how Labouchere’s strategy appeared, which can be used in sports betting and in casinos.

The Labouchere system is based on a variable number series. However, this should not scare you, because even a person who is bad at mathematics will understand the essence of the strategy. In total, there are two Labouchere systems – classical and reverse. Let’s figure out which of them does not take into account losses, and which one even cares about failures, that is, it is capable of saving your bank.

The Labouchere system is also known as the Split Martingale, American Progression and Cancellation system. The point of Labouchere’s strategy is that you can make a profit if your percentage of winning bets is even below 50 (more specifically, up to 33%). In other words, if you win 1 out of 3 bets, the strategy remains profitable. In addition to betting, the Labouchere system is used in casinos, roulette and blackjack. Initially it was used to play roulette, but later it began to be used in other areas of gambling.

This system only works with even odds markets – bets in which either one outcome will win, or the second outcome will play with 50/50 chances, and there is no third option. It’s like tossing a coin – either heads or tails will come up. Examples of such bets: will the number “3” be in the final score, will team 1 score the 1st goal, will the total be even or odd, will the 2nd period be more productive than the 1st).

Classic Labouchere strategy

First, determine the amount of net profit you want to receive. Next, you should divide the amount into a series of numbers. There is no rule about exactly how to divide. The main thing is that in total, all the numbers in the series should provide the desired profit.

For example, you want to earn 2000 Naira in net profit. You can divide the number into five equal parts of 400 Naira. After this, we take two numbers – the first and the last, and set the sum of these two numbers to a coefficient of 2.00.

If the bet is lost, we enter the sum of these two bets at the end of the row: 400, 400, 400, 400, 400, 800. But if our bet is successful, then we cross out the first and last number, and then we will be left with 400, 400, 400.

Understanding the problem is not difficult, you need to cross out the entire series of numbers. If the bet wins, we cross out two numbers; if it loses, we add one more. But do not forget, in case of each subsequent loss you will increase the bet amount.

Principles of Labuchére’s strategy

  1. The player’s task is to cross out all the numbers from the number line. The entire amount in the number series is a maximum of 10% of the total bank.
  2. The total bank is the entire amount that you have allocated for your game.
  3. The numbers in a number series are not necessarily equal. For example, you divide the amount of 1000 naira into parts. You don’t have to divide it into 10 parts of 100 naira or 5 parts of 200 naira, you can divide it into such parts as you see fit. For example, 300-200-400-100 or 500-400-100.
  4. The optimal number of digits in a number line is 5. However, if you want to play aggressively, write only 3 digits in a number line. If you are aiming for a long game, write 7 or more numbers in the number line. If you have one number left in the number series, then you simply put it next. To protect your bank, you can enter several zeros into the number sequence. The more zeros there are in a number series, the safer your bank is. Most often, the amount of desired profit is divided into 7-8 parts.

Difference between Labouchére and Martingale strategies

The Labouchere system is often confused with the Martingale system. The difference is that the Martingale system is aimed at wagering with one bet, and the Labouchere system is aimed at wagering with several consecutive bets. Therefore, the Labouchere system is considered more reliable.

Advantages of the system

We counted 4 significant advantages of the Labouchere system. Risk management (for example, if your sequence is long, your winnings will be higher. The opposite is also true – to reduce risks, you can make a number series of 3-4 digits). You don’t need to win every bet to stay in the black. In simple words, you can lose more bets than you win and still be in the black.

The Labouchere system takes into account the individual style of the bettor, since the player himself determines how much he is going to earn and, accordingly, enter into the number series. Along with Martingale, the Labouchere system is considered one of the best in betting.

Disadvantage of the system

We found a significant disadvantage in the Labouchere system. There is no guarantee that you will not have a long losing streak that could leave you in the red. Therefore, the system is not recommended for players with a small bank.

Common mistakes when playing with the labouchére strategy

Error 1: the player has a long series of losses and continues to play. Why is this a mistake: if suddenly 15-20 digits appear in your number series, then you simply will not be able to win back. In this case, it is recommended to start a new number series.

Error 2: the player bets on an odds ratio below 2. Why is this a mistake: the basic meaning of the entire Labouchere system is to play on an odds ratio of 2. Otherwise, the system simply will not be profitable.

Error 3: the player writes too many numbers in the number line. Why this is a mistake: the more numbers, the longer the game. There are frequent cases when bettors enter 15-20 numbers, and the number series grows after each bet. That is why the recommended maximum number of digits in a number series is 7-10.

The main advantage of the tactic is the possibility of its use in gambling clubs and bookmakers.

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Losses and winnings in sports betting
Losses and winnings in sports betting

Players who do not have much experience can quickly face a streak of bad luck in betting. This is due to many factors, but losing streaks can be long if not stopped in time.

There are no clear rules on how to protect yourself from a losing streak, but there are recommendations from experienced players. Before plunging into the world of gambling, it is necessary to understand all the risks and adequately accept the assessment. The most important skill a player must master is keeping calm after losing, controlling emotions and discipline. After that, the player will learn to stop in time and approach this matter calmly, judiciously then the player goes from a beginner to a professional.

However, discipline without a clear strategy is only half the battle. To win, it is important to follow a strategy and stay true to it until the end.

Find your playing style

In general, one’s own style is formed after examination and some practice in gambling. Igor. This style can also change depending on the game: football, rugby, tennis, boxing. The most popular online betting styles are casual, professional and compulsive (uncontrolled).

  • Casual players are the type of people who play for fun without risk. There are also beginners who are just getting to know the world of gambling. This type is characterized by prudence, and bets are not the main source of income. They play online for fun or bet with friends to watch the game live later.
  • Professionals are the type of players with experience in online betting, have developed strategies, discipline. For most professionals, betting is the main source of income, so they bet on big results to get big profits. Professionals are risk-averse, looking for the best bookies.
  • Heavy gamblers are a type of gambler who have an unhealthy gambling addiction. Their strategies can be out of control, and the players themselves are impulsive and addicted to games, i.e. betting every day, fluctuating amounts or betting without a plan. This type of player feels the effects of gambling and ends up in debt due to excessive gambling. However, if they master their emotions and adjust their discipline, they can make a good living.

How to react when you win or loss

According to many studies, winnings in gambling games that unexpectedly fall on a person do not always bring luck. The fortune obtained in this way is much easier to lose than it seems at first glance. If you’re betting and haven’t won yet, we wish you luck. But if you did win, we wish you even more luck. And the main thing – remember, when you suddenly become the lucky owner of a large amount of money, plan ahead and resist the natural temptation to spend everything.

If you don’t win, you need to review your strategy, style or get advice from a professional. But don’t get upset in any case, it’s just a game.

Accepting defeat is part of the process

For the player, the main thing is to focus on strategy and style, which should be formed depending on the game (football, rugby, boxing). It is impossible to be a winner in everything, because unexpectedly you can lose everything. Therefore, losing is part of the gambling world. If a player can easily emotionally experience defeats, this is already half the success.

Therefore, emotional control is the key to success, because no one likes to lose their money. Also avoid betting with 100% win, the bookies can hide something and the player will lose easily. It is impossible to win all predictions, regardless of professionalism, because the main event can be unexpected, especially in online betting.

Steps to Break a Losing Streak

If you’re a beginner or a constant loser, here are two top tips from the professional players. This will help calm down emotionally and correct your mistakes in order to come back with a new breath after a streak of losses:

  1. After frequent bets, it is important to take small breaks. But this break should not be a few hours, but a week, a month. If you have debts as a result of losses, it is better to close your financial matters and only come back later. Or think carefully whether you will be able to climb out of this abyss again as a result of repeated failures and new debts. And whether it is necessary to return to gambling at all. Advantages of a break: the player becomes calmer, less impulsive to all new bets, organized, development of new strategies, styles.
  2. It is very important to be able to develop your own strategy, special and unique. It is necessary to find time and spend a lot of effort to analyse and understand your mistakes. If it is difficult for you personally, think about whether it is really worth continuing further, so as not to receive defeats and losses. Or turn to the pros if looking at past results on your betting card seems like a waste of time. It is not a fact that the mistakes made earlier will be repeated, but the main thing is not to allow them in the future.

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How to make money on sports betting
How to make money on sports betting

In these articles, we will look at strategies and schemes for making money on sports betting, which ways to make money really work, as well as where to start as a beginner to make your first money.

Online betting as a permanent income is a very real prospect that does not require special financial investments. There are only a few conditions necessary to get started: desire, availability of free time and a little patience.

Earnings on rates: how much can beginners really earn

Earnings on rates is a high-risk investment, but this method of financial investment can bring much more profit than, say, a regular bank deposit. As for risk, it is present in any operations related to finance. Hence the first and largely defining rule of betting for beginners: it is worth playing in a bookmaker’s office only with free money – that is, money that you can spend without risking your own well-being.

Do not play with money borrowed or from the joint family budget.

However, it is also not worth starting with a “small” game: in order to bet according to the strategy and count on at least a theoretical profit, the bankroll (initial size of the game bank) should allow you to make at least 50 equal bets.

Let’s try to figure out how to make money from betting, if not constantly, then at least periodically. How to make a bookmaker a source of income?

There are professional handicappers (people for whom betting is a permanent job). They specialize in sports analytics and are well versed in the mathematical aspects of sports betting. Becoming a professional is not easy: to begin with, we need to understand how a bookmaker works and master the main rules of sports prediction.

Usually beginners choose football, hockey or basketball. According to professionals, the most profitable for prediction is tennis, but if this sport is not to your liking, you can start with betting on football it is the most popular sport in the whole world.

The real amount that a beginner can earn with minimal investments is 10% of the bank per month.

Of course, if you use risky strategies, you can actually earn all 50%, but then the probability of a complete drain of the bank inevitably increases. 10-15% is quite a decent indicator, but you can achieve stability only if you follow certain rules and approach the business of sports forecasting soberly and rationally.

How bookmakers work

As practice shows, people of all ages from university students to pensioners – try to make money on bets. All these people are united by their love for sports – mainly in the status of fans. Why not make your interest in sports a source of permanent income? Bookmakers offer us hundreds of different offers every day, from which we have the right to choose any. The player’s advantage is his right to choose any bet. Ideally, each player should make only the bet in which the confidence is close to 100%. However, in practice, most bets are made thoughtlessly, besides, a significant part of all bookmakers’ customers are amateurs who bet for their own pleasure.

You can also approach sports betting from this point of view: bookmakers give us the opportunity to take risks and add adrenaline. And if we sometimes manage to buy flowers for our wife and ice cream for our children with the money we won, that’s great.

But if you are reading this text, then your goal is not only to have fun, but also to make a stable profit over a long distance. For this, the approach to betting should be strategic: gambling on luck is dangerous for capital.

A bookmaker is an intermediary that charges a certain percentage for its services. This percentage is called the margin – it is thanks to the margin of the probability of the result as a percentage of equally likely events offered by the bookmaker that it will not be 50 for 50, but, say, for 47 47.

Offices get profit due to the fact that they adjust the ratio according to public opinion and financial flows. In other words, the bookmaker knows where the average player will put money and artificially lowers the probability of this result, expressed in coefficients.

Strategies for making money on bets

There are dozens of strategies that allow you to make money in the bookmaker’s office. But it will be enough for a beginner to familiarize himself with the most reliable and profitable of them.

It should be understood that there are no win-win strategies, otherwise all offices would have been ruined a long time ago: there is only an opportunity to significantly increase the probability of long-term profit by placing bets according to a certain scheme.

Game strategies. The most popular game strategies are:

  • Bet on undervalued events (Value Betting);
  • Bookmakers forks (arbitrage bets);
  • Classic pre-match analysis;
  • Game in live mode;
  • Catching up.

The vast majority of players try to guess or predict the outcome of a game without thinking about the financial performance of their game in the long term. Most of the players of bookmakers are so-called “forecasters” – they are not so much interested in money as in guessing the result.

There is also a fundamentally different category of players who, above all, focus on coefficients and long-term profit. If such players see a bet that is profitable in the long run, they will definitely make it. If you constantly bet on the coefficient inflated by the bookmaker, then the profit after a certain period of time is guaranteed.

This principle is called Value Betting, that is, bets on events that are undervalued by the bookmaker.

This principle can be explained more clearly by the following example. Most players always bet on the conditional “Real Madrid”, not paying attention to the coefficient and rightly believing that this super club is stronger than its opponent in any case. But “Bayern München” do not take into account a specific match, but work for the future and bet against Real.

Since the odds on such a result are always very high, even a single misfire of a super club will bring more money than regular bets on the favourite. Such strategies as “catch-up” and “forks” are theoretically win-win, but only in theory.

In order for such rates to bring profit, two conditions must be met:

  • The player must have an infinite game bank;
  • The bookmaker must allow him to bet any amount.

In practice, both conditions are unattainable for objective reasons. It is still worth talking about these strategies, although we do not advise beginners to practice them.

Catch-up is a constant increase in the amount of the bet after each loss, which allows you to return the money with interest. Catching up is both a financial and a game strategy. Suppose you bet on the draw of a certain team until this event occurs, while each time increasing the amount in such a way as to cover the financial losses and get a profit.

A draw will definitely happen, but there is a certain danger: it can happen at the moment when you no longer have money for the next bet.

Forks or arbitrage bets were once very popular, but now that the odds offered by bookmakers are roughly the same everywhere, it is becoming increasingly difficult to play on the difference. In addition, the offices themselves do not like “wreckers” and can easily block accounts, suspecting arbitrage bets.

Financial strategies. There are also many financial strategies:

  • Fixed income;
  • Martingale strategy;
  • Kelly criterion;

It is believed that beginners should try to bet about the same amount. Playing with a rigidly fixed amount over a long period of time is called “flat”. We will consider this strategy the most reliable and profitable. Moreover, after a long game, luck will clearly show whether the player has a gaming or mathematical advantage over the bookmaker.

Earnings on football bets

No professional handicapper makes a profit due to “guts” (intuition, luck, fortune). A certain amount of fart, of course, is necessary for all sports prognosticators, but this quality is not a superpower, the result of experience and numerous mistakes. Yes, yes, for a smart person mistakes are the best school.

In football, every fan considers himself an analyst, forecaster, expert. This sport is out of competition with bookmakers in terms of box office fees. In no other sports discipline can you find so many “experts” who know who wins, how, when and why. Almost all players who come to BC for the first time bet on football, and for many it remains the main sport.

Meanwhile, it is not enough to simply understand football and have statistical information to be successful in betting. Even experienced players and coaches do not always guess the winners. Soccer is a very unpredictable sport in which the strongest opponent often wins.

It is explained simply: low performance of football games, increased probability of referee errors and accidental goals.

To bet on football successfully, you need to follow simple but effective rules:

  • Never bet on your favourite team (you will definitely either overestimate or underestimate it);
  • Do not bet on all football leagues in a row: it is enough to choose one or two in which you understand better;
  • Try to bypass the top matches (central matches of the tour, final matches): as a rule, the odds for such games are adjusted by bookmakers to the hundredth part;
  • Control of emotions: the absence of excessive emotional reactions is a guarantee of stability.

And one more tip: follow the movement of the coefficients, trying to bet on the most profitable value. For professionals, even tenths and hundredths are important.

If you also want to earn good money, make a firm decision for yourself to make this type of business your main source of income.

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Cash Out Betting Strategy
Cash Out Betting Strategy

In the world of sports betting, there are many opportunities for bettors to control their bets and minimize potential losses. In order for players to have a chance to get back part of the initial bet amount, a withdrawal function was introduced, mainly used in sports betting before the end of the match. Nigerian players love this feature because there is a chance to get back 50% of the bet avoiding a total loss; only every bookmaker has its own rules regarding this feature.

The same principles work for withdrawing funds. If you have a coupon that almost won, then you can withdraw money from it, and how much money you get depends on the system. It automatically generates the total amount from the number of won bets, the amount may change due to changes in the coefficients.

We will provide examples of strategies that will help you in making withdrawals, when exactly to use a strategy, when and how to withdraw funds for sports betting, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of a withdrawal strategy.

A reliable and reputable bookmaker, so it also applies to the strategy. As a rule, some bookmakers in Nigeria offer unfavourable terms and conditions for withdrawing funds. First, you should familiarize yourself with this information for each bookmaker in order to make profits and avoid unplanned expenses.

Discipline and focus

When we deal with online gambling, we come across such a concept as a set limit. This limitation helps to avoid unnecessary risk. The most common type of limit is avoidance bets; they are aimed at returning lost bets. During a losing streak, it is important to stop and take a break from gambling.

Calm and composure

There are players for whom winnings on bets are the only way to earn. Thanks to their ability to control emotions, stress and pressure, they master the gambling ability to stop in time. You just need to review your attitude towards betting and decide whether you should choose cash or stay in the game for more profit.

Early withdrawals are 22% more profitable than late withdrawals. There are many bookmakers in Nigeria, and each has a different withdrawal function. In some, the entry of funds is allowed at any time during the sporting event. Some bookmakers offer withdrawals only on special events or on a limited number of sports bets. Experience is a key aspect in such situations. An experienced player knows exactly when to partially or fully withdraw money and the decisive factor is his level of experience in a particular sport and the choice of sport itself.

The withdrawal strategy for football bets

It is impossible to predict what will happen on the football field, especially when strong teams face weak ones. Each team has its own game strategy, which experienced bettors can recognize and use to their advantage. In the major leagues, the strategy is usually to hold a small lead until the end of the match. But it often happens that the team that scores first usually loses the match due to a comeback by the opponents.

Depending on such cases, it is advisable to first analyse all the components of the game before risking a withdrawal. We advise you not to withdraw funds from the team that is leading in the last minutes of the match with 2 or more goals as a priority. If you are not sure whether to cash out, this is exactly the case when you should use an early withdrawal to reduce losses.


Basketball is a game that tends to change over time, and sometimes even with a dramatic ending. For example, at the beginning of the game, you backed the favourite, but the underdog team is leading in the first round, and you decided to cash out early. But the underdog’s lead was cancelled because the favourite team scored more points and you got less than half of the original bet. Early withdrawals in basketball are not profitable because things can change drastically, so the key behaviour is to maintain discipline and stay calm.


Tennis is an individual sport, where the form and level of the player should be taken into account the most. These factors influence the selection of the rate and also help determine when to withdraw funds. But it is not so easy to do this at the Grand Slam, because most bookmakers offer small odds on favourites, so if you are not sure that you can win, you should avoid such bets.

You should avoid early withdrawals on favourites in women’s matches. It often happens that a player manages to recover after losing a set and take the victory. Therefore, there is no guarantee that the favourite will stay in the leaders.

In some lower ranked tournaments, there is no such feature as withdrawal, so some bookmakers offer to transfer funds to the favourite to another league to beat the higher ranked player, also the lower ranked player can challenge the higher ranked player and win.

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